Webinar series: A great curriculum is like a great museum

HA on demand webinar series for secondary teachers

Getting our curriculum right is one of the most important jobs for a history teacher. We have a responsibility to do justice to the past. But how do we do this? What makes a great curriculum?

This webinar series explores all the facets of curriculum. The presenters will argue that a good curriculum is like a good museum where you the curator have to consider what is put on show, what is stored away, how things are presented and how we actually know what the visitors experienced. In each webinar Richard Kennett will look at one theme and be joined by a guest presenter to provide a different perspective. 


Session 1: Choosing the right curriculum

In this webinar we will focus on how you select what to include in a great curriculum and what do you decide to leave out. This will cover:

  • Choosing on macro and micro narratives
  • Powerful history knowledge
  • Curriculum coherence
  • Decolonised and diversified curriculum choices

This webinar is presented by Richard Kennett and Hannah Cusworth.

Session 2: Using the best pedagogy to make your curriculum work

In this webinar we will focus on choosing the best pedagogy to make your curriculum land. This will cover:

  • Strategies to help students ‘know more and remember more’
  • The use and abuse of cognitive science in the history classroom
  • The importance of enquiry
  • Strategies that help build curiosity and connections

This webinar is presented by Richard Kennett and David Hibbert.

Session 3: Using effective assessment to see if your curriculum has worked

In this webinar we will focus on effective assessment of a history curriculum. This will cover:

  • The use of summative and formative assessment
  • Successful knowledge tests
  • Bespoke mark schemes that work with your enquiries
  • Reducing staff workload and working with schools that insist on GCSE grades being used

This webinar is presented by Richard Kennett and Sally Burnham.

Information for teachers in Wales: Providing a Welsh context

This free webinar for HA members, available to view below, provides some additional context around the curriculum in Wales and how teachers might adapt the ideas from this webinar series to a Welsh context.

This webinar is presented by Yvonne Roberts-Ablett.

How to book

This webinar series took place in 2021 and we have made the recordings available to view on demand for a limited time period. 

These recordings will be available to view during the summer term and will expire at the end of July 2022. 

You will need to be logged in to pay and access the webinars using the links on this page. Once you have purchased each resource, the recordings will be available to view at the bottom of the relevant resource page. 

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