Essex Branch Programme

Essex Branch Programme 2021-22 & 23

Talks on Saturdays, 2.30pm, Trinity Methodist Church,

Rainsford Road, Chelmsford, CM1 2XB.

Visitors and prospective members warmly welcomed -  £3






25 September 2021

Annual General Meeting

Followed by talk: 

'No Matter How Many Skies Have Fallen' - Back to the Land in Wartime Britain.

This is the story of Frating Hall, a Christian Community in Essex which was established for individuals, families, as well as a temporary sanctuary for refugees and prisoners of war.

Ken Warpole



23 October 2021

Survival of the Princes in the Tower

Matt Lewis – Writer and Historian



4 December 2021

Historic Houses today: Keeping them meaningful for future generations

Dr. Ben Cowell: Director General of Historic Houses

(Light seasonal refreshments after the talk)





8 January 2022

King Charles I – Martyr or Tyrant

Dr. David Smith. Cambridge University



5 February 2022

Southend’s Saxon Prince

Sue Hirst: Museum of London Archaeology



5 March 2022


Professor Dame Janet I. Nelson. Emeritus Professor of Medieval History: Kings College: London



2 April 2022

The Trump legacy

Professor Adam Smith. Edward Orsborn Professor of U.S. Politics and Political History. Oxford University


7 May 2022

The Napoleonic Empire

Dr. Michael Rowe: Reader in European History: Kings College: London


24 September 2022

Annual General Meeting, followed by:

The Crisis of the Meritocracy: Britain’s transition to mass education since the Second World War.

Dr Peter Mandler. Professor of Modern Cultural History. Univ.Cambridge


15 October 2022

Carry on Spying: The British technique. Early Modern intelligence and espionage

Eleanor Brown: Combined Military Services Museum, Maldon


3 December 2022

The Racial Reckoning with Slavery and Racism in the US: 1619-2020

Dr Cheryl Hudson. Lecturer in US Political History, Liverpool University

(Light seasonal refreshments after the talk)





7 January2023

Dark Shadows: The Memory of the Crusades down the Centuries

Dr Jonathan Phillips. Professor of Crusading History, Royal Holloway. University of London


4 February 2023

We’ll always have Paris! Stranger than fiction stories behind “A betrayal of heroes”

David Ellsworth. Prepare to be amazed!

Dave McCall. Writer              


4 March 2023

Warfare in the 10th and 11th centuries – with particular reference to the Battle of Maldon.

John Pullen-Appleby. Writer


22 April 2023

The Cuban Missile Crisis revisited.

Professor David Stevenson. London School of Economics


13 May 2023

The Romanov Family

Helen Rappaport. Writer



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