Hull & East Riding Branch Programme

Hull & East Riding Branch Programme 2023-24

Enquiries to Sylvia Usher, tel 01482 448065

Talks are free to HA members, £3 for visitors

All talks start at 7.30pm, at The Nordic Centre, 104 Osborne St. HULL HU1 2PN, unless otherwise stated.

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Wednesday 4th October 2023

40 Years of Jorvik Viking Centre

Dr.Chris Tuckley, Head of Interpretation and Learning at Jorvik.

40 years ago major excavations in central York had revealed the most important Viking trading settlement in England. Jorvik is the ‘travel thorough’ visit so people learn by seeing and hearing what life was like. How has this stimulated education and further research?


Thursday 16th November 2023

The Eurovision Song Contest and its Politics in Post Cold War Europe

Dr. Catherine Baker, Hull University

The Eurovision Song Contest has grown from a modest concert hall event for western European countries’ singers to a massive commercial event in which eastern European countries have advertised their culture, character and significance. 


Thursday 29th February 2024

‘A Fishbone in the City’s Throat’. Navigating American Civil War Memories in Public Spaces

Dr Rachel Williams, Hull University.

War leaders’ statues, whether victor or defeated, after the American Civil War were cast to glorify the causes they fought for. How much have these memorials maintained the bitter feelings, but in later generations?


Thursday 21st March 2024

Post-war childhood and the Welfare State, 1948-1989

Dr. Victoria Hoyle ,York University.

Was childhood in Britain changed greatly by post war developments in medicine, psychology, education, the NHS, and government policies? What about families? How much is recent history reflective of changes in children's history?


Thursday 11th April 2024

The People of 1381: Riots in Beverley and East Yorkshire

Venue: St Mary’s Church, North Bar Within, Beverley HU17 8DL

Professor Andrew Prescott and Dr. Helen Killick (1381 Project Team)

This is a joint meeting with Beverley Civic Society.

New research in the National Archives shows that the 1381 Peasants' Revolt was widespread, and Beverley was significant as one of the most northerly towns. Riots were serious. What does this contribute to our national understanding? The People of 1381 is an innovative project using computerisation and digitalisation to develop new understanding of the impact of these local, almost simultaneous disturbances. The presentation offers insight into new methodologies.


Thursday 16th May 2024

1708! Queen Anne’s London Brought to Life

Professor David Fairer, Leeds University.

The talk follows the AGM. Revealing the liveliness of ‘coffee house’ Augustan London is the ground for writing historical murder mysteries. Come and find out more!