Chichester Branch Programme

Chichester Branch Programme 2021-22



21st October 2021

Dr Andrew Foster, Branch President and Hon. Senior Research Fellow, University of Kent:

What have Ecclesiastical Historians ever done for Chichester?


18th November 2021

Professor Andrew Chandler, University of Chichester:

Christianity and the World Order: Bishop George Bell in the House of Lords after 1945.


16th December

Professor Peter Mandler, Professor of modern Cultural History, University of Cambridge, and President of the HA:

The Origins of Mass Society


20th January 2022

Dr Tracy Borman, Author and Joint Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces:

Crown & Sceptre: A History of the British Monarchy


17th February 2022

Neil Turner, Historian and Travel Writer:

Estonia: It’s One Hundred Years of History


17th March 2022

John Fines Memorial Lecture

Professor Andrew Bradstock, Emeritus Professor in Dept. of Theology, Religion & Philosophy, University of Winchester:

Diggers, Levellers & Ranters: Radical Religion in the English Commonwealth


21st April 2022

Dr Ian Packer, University of Lincoln:

Lloyd George and the Liberation of the Land 1906-14


19th May 2022

Professor William Doyle, Senior Research Fellow, University of Bristol:

Louis XVI and the French Revolution



All meetings will start at 7.30 p.m.

At present, the Covid-19 situation remains uncertain. If possible, some meetings will be live, but others will definitely be via Zoom.

Information will be circulated in the usual way and in good time.


Meetings are free to full HA members, but there will be a charge for Branch Membership of £20 for individuals (£30 for couples), and for visiting non-members,  £5 per lecture (£8 for couples).

Please feel free to contact us via email: 

Or telephone the branch secretary Alex Bristow on 01903 505554