Chichester Branch Programme

Chichester Branch Programme 2023-24

Enquiries to Mr Alex Bristow  01903 505554

All meetings start at 7:30pm except January at 2:30pm in the Friends’ Meeting House, Priory Road, Chichester PO19 1NX. Meetings are expected to finish by 9pm (4pm in January). Tea or coffee and biscuits are served from 7pm (2pm in January).


Admission to every meeting in the 2023-24 programme costs £20 (£30 for couples) and to individual meetings £5.



Thursday 21 September 2023

Dr John Mcaleer, Associate Professor of History, University of Southampton

The East India Company: The Corporation that Changed the World


Thursday 19 October 2023

Professor Anne Curry, Emeritus Professor of Medieval History, University of Southampton

Richard III and the Battle of Bosworth


Thursday 16 November 2023

Professor Jonathan Harris, Royal Holloway, University of London.

Byzantium: The Forgotten Empire


Thursday 21 December 2023 (Commencing at 7pm)

Annual General Meeting and three short talks


Saturday 20 January 2024

Dr Isabelle Cheng, Senior Lecturer in East Asian and International Development Studies, University of Portsmouth

 A history of Taiwan from the Second Opium War in the 1860s to the present


Thursday 15 February 2024

Dr Matthew Heaslip, Lecturer in Naval history, University of Portsmouth)

Amphibious Operations from Gallipoli to Overlord


Thursday 21 March 2024

Professor Jonathan Phillips, Professor of History of the Crusades, Royal Holloway, University of London

The John Fines Memorial Lecture: The Sultan Saladin and the Conquest of the Holy Land


Thursday 18 April 2024

Dr Katy Gibbons, University of Portsmouth

“Fighting for the Faith”: The Life and Reputation of Thomas Percy, 7th Earl of Northumberland


Thursday 16 May 2024

Dr Carey Fleiner, Senior Lecturer in Classical and Medieval History, University of Winchester

The Feminine Touch in the late Roman Republic: The Women of Mark Anthony and Octavian


Thursday 13 June 2024

Dr Andrew Smith, QMC, University of London

Routes of Resistance: France, Britain and Legacies of the Second World War