Northampton Branch Programme

Northampton Branch Programme 2024-25

Northampton & Leicester Branches Joint Programme of Online Talks & Activities 2024-25

Northampton Chair: David Waller

Leicester Chair: Annabelle Larsen

Most talks will be on the second Tuesday of the month, 18.00-19.30.


10th September 2024.  Dr Lubaaba Al-Azami, University of Liverpool. ‘In Conversation: Writing Travellers in the Golden Realm’.

Description: Elizabeth Tingle talks to Lubaaba Al-Azami about writing her new book on the first English travellers to India and how the early interactions with Mughal India connected England to the wider world. The book can be obtained here:

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8th October 2024. Dr Tim Reinke-Williams. ‘Physical Attractiveness and the Female Life-Cycle in Seventeenth-Century England’.

Description: This talk focuses on how women of the aristocracy, gentry and middling-sorts in seventeenth-century England conceptualised their own physical attractiveness and that of other women. Diaries, letters, autobiographies, and portraits will be used to show how women sought to present themselves, over successive stages of the lifecycle.

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12th November 2024. Philip Hamlyn Williams. Vehicles to Vaccines – what happened to British manufacturing since 1951.

Description: At the time of the Festival of Britain, British manufacturers made and exported more vehicles than any other country, yet our pharmaceutical industry made little more than simple remedies. A lifetime later, the majority of vehicles made in Britain are for foreign companies, but our pharmaceutical companies vie with the best in the world.

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10th December 2024. David Waller, University of Northampton. ‘The 2024 U.S. Presidential Election in Historical Perspective’.

Description: This year’s American elections are taking place in a period of exceptional partisanship and geo-political risk, and the outcome is likely to be critical both for the future direction of democratic government in the USA and the resilience of the Western alliance. This talk will present an initial analysis of the results, seeking to explain who won and why, both in terms of the Presidency and the elections to the Congress.

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11th February 2025. Mike Curtis (Northamptonshire Archaeological Society), ‘The Maritime Archaeology of the Roman Empire’.

Description: The maritime archaeology of the Roman Empire encompasses the study of underwater cultural heritage related to ancient Roman maritime activities, including shipwrecks, port structures, and submerged settlements. This presentation looks at key sites such as the harbours of Ostia and Portus, the shipwrecks of the Mediterranean, and other provincial harbours and coastal settlements that help in providing insight into the economic, technological, and cultural exchanges that shaped the Roman Empire.

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11th March 2025. Nathan Amin, ‘The Early Tudors’.

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We do not normally meet during the Easter break.


13th May 2025. TBC