Recorded webinar: Teaching the 'People's History' of the Munich Crisis

Mental health, class, gender and diversity

By Professor Julie V. Gottlieb

Professor Julie Gottlieb has written extensively on inter-war British political and gender history, and her more recent work has provided alternative perspectives on seemingly settled debates in the historiography of British foreign policy and the history of appeasement. Through the lens of women/gender, social history, and now psychology/emotion, she argues for a retelling and re-periodisation of the 'People's War', beginning with an understanding of the Munich Crisis as the 'People's Crisis', and the pre-war era as a 'war of nerves'. She is the author of 'Guilty Women', Foreign Policy and Appeasement in Inter-war Britain (2015), and co-editor of The Munich Crisis, Politics and the People (2021).

In this webinar she outlines these alternative perspectives and introduces her collaboration with playwright Nicola Baldwin on the historical drama The Nervous State, which also forms part of a collaborative project with the HA and history teachers developing new teaching resources for Key Stage 3 and above.

This webinar was recorded on 28 April 2023. 

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