Doing history: is it too dangerous to be a medieval historian?

Presidential Lecture

By Professor Anne Curry, published 9th February 2011

Podcast of Professor Anne Curry, President of the Historical Association. Friday 14th May 2010.

Head of the School of Humanities and Professor of Medieval History, Southampton University ‘Re your piece in the Daily Mail, 26 October 2009, on the battle of Agincourt, I was absolutely disgusted at the inference that it did not occur as has originally been reported'. Who would have thought that research based on archival sources would lead to such a hostile response? In my presidential lecture I will reflect on why there are tensions between what professional historians do and how their work is perceived outside the academic sphere. Why do myths prevail? Can historians do anything to redeem the situation?

Anne Curry research interests are in 14th and 15th century English and French relations - particularly Agincourt, Women and Warfare and elements of financial history. She has been putting together a major database of known English soldiers from the period and the resulting website has been hugely popular. Anne is author of the recent title, Agincourt: a new history.

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