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The Historical Association is an active organisation with events happening up and down the UK. The local branches all have a lively lecture programme open to both members of the association and any general member of the public wishing to come along. Formal events for Teacher CPD, professional forums and conferences are also organised by and for the HA. We have programmes and activities such as debates and conferences for school children and students. Find out what’s coming up and what’s of interest to you by exploring our events section.

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  • Webinar: The Kingdom of Benin

    15th October 2019

    Dr Toby Green is Senior Lecturer in Lusophone African History and Culture at King's College London. His work seeks to contribute towards a refocusing of the understanding of modern history by grasping the active roles of West Africans in shaping both global histories as well as local West African ones....

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  • Webinar: The Wars of the Roses: Principles, Politics, and Personality

    9th October 2019

    This webinar will be led by Dr James Ross, Reader in Late Medieval History at the University of Winchester. The webinar will look at the causes of the three 'wars' (1455-64, 1469-71, 1483-7) that make up what historians call the Wars of the Roses, and explore how far each conflict...

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  • Webinar: Origins of the French Revolution

    18th September 2019

    Was the French Revolution born out of class struggle, or cultural confusion? What were the roles of ambitious lawyers, privileged noblemen, scheming pamphleteers, and downtrodden peasants in the collapse of the Old Regime? This webinar will review major interpretations of the origins of the 1789 revolution, and consider how the...

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