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The Historical Association is an active organisation with events happening up and down the UK. The local branches all have a lively lecture programme open to both members of the association and any general member of the public wishing to come along. Formal events for Teacher CPD, professional forums and conferences are also organised by and for the HA. We have programmes and activities such as debates and conferences for school children and students. Find out what’s coming up and what’s of interest to you by exploring our events section.

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  • HA Webinar: Resisting Reagan: Assessing the significance of political protest in the 1980s United States

    7th July 2022

    The 1980s are often viewed as marking the repudiation of the political order marked by the New Deal and the 1960s, both periods of enormous social, political, and cultural change. Yet the decade symbolised by President Ronald Reagan, far from being a period of triumphant conservative counterrevolution, was a period...

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  • History Educators International Research Network Conference: HEIRNET 2022 Amsterdam Conference

    23rd March 2022

    HEIRNET is a friendly, diverse, inclusive and supportive association that brings together colleagues from around the world interested in History Education's cultural, educational, ideological, moral, social, political, religious and citizenship roles. Amsterdam is the perfect venue for the live and online HEIRNET 2022 conference. Since the 16th century cosmopolitan  Amsterdam...

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