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  • History specific CPD from the Historical Association

    19th December 2012

    Whatever your needs, the Historical Association offers history CPD suitable for you. Face to Face TrainingFace to Face training on one day events that range from courses that are packed with practical ideas to use immediately, full of cutting edge knowledge and pedagogy and enriched by online post-course support to...

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  • Cyberwarfare: report on Glasgow Branch lecture 2012

    4th December 2012

    The second lecture in the Glasgow & West of Scotland Branch "Cyberwarfare." Panel:  Professor Peter Jackson, Dr. Peter Mowforth and Mr. Tim Peacock. Professor Peter Jackson explained the origins of cyberwarfare with regard to the relationship between intelligence gathering about the activities or intentions of enemies or potential enemies and...

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  • Dr David Starkey's 2012 visit to the Cumbria branch of the HA

    28th November 2012

    5 November 2012. The highlight of the autumn meetings of the Cumbria branch, based in Carlisle, was the visit of Dr David Starkey. Bonfire night was his choice of date, not the branch's, which normally meets on the last Monday of the month. But such a major event in its...

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  • The Falklands War: report on Glasgow Branch lecture 2012

    22nd November 2012

    The first lecture in the Glasgow & West of Scotland Branch ‘Falklands War'(11/10/2012) Panel of speakers - Dr. Francis Lambert, Mr. Sandy Leishmann and Mr. Tom Ward.   Dr. Francis Lambert ( Previously at the Centre for Latin American Studies, University of Glasgow ) outlined the history of the still-contested sovereignty...

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  • George Square Restoration - transcript of Glasgow Branch lecture by Marie Davidson

    16th October 2012

    Marie Davidson of Glasgow and West of Scotland Branch of the Historical Association addressed the Glasgow District Council Committee on George Square Restoration on Friday 2nd November 2012 - this is a transcript of her speech. It is a great pleasure and privilege to speak to you at this consultation on...

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  • The Impact of Scots Law on Scottish History

    12th June 2012

    Sixth lecture in Glasgow and West of Scotland Branch Dr John Finlay on "The Impact of Scots Law on Scottish History" Dr Finlay began with the early medieval  origins of Scots law and its international setting. Scots law took from Celtic law in Ireland, Norse  law from Scandinavia, English common...

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  • The History of the Scottish Temperance Movement

    10th April 2012

    The 4th Lecture in the Glasgow and West of Scotland Branch  Dr. Irene Maver on "Ardent Spirits" - ‘The history of the Scottish Temperance Movement in 19th century Glasgow and its founder John Dunlop of Maryhill.'   Dr. Irene Maver charted the rise of the organised temperance movement and its impact...

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  • The Forgotten Convoy JW53

    9th April 2012

    The third lecture in the Glasgow & West of Scotland Branch David Craig on "The Forgotten Convoy JW53" The Secretary welcomed Mr. Alexey Kulakov, Senior Consul at the Russian Federation Consulate in Edinburgh to hear David Craig. This account has been constructed to read like a ship's log, to catch...

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  • 2011 Branch lecture: Revisiting William Wallace and the Declaration of Arbroath

    23rd October 2011

    "Revisiting William Wallace and the Declaration of Arbroath" talk by Professor Dauvit Broun  Professor Broun looked at ways of advancing knowledge and understanding through (1) The discovery of new original documents (2) The discovery of new information in a later document (3) The proposal of a new way to read...

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  • Providing Public History: Challenges and Opportunities, 2011

    11th July 2011

    A Workshop to launch Kingston University's Centre for the Historical Record Around ninety archivists, museum curators, heritage providers and historians gathered at Kingston University on 10th June, for a unique workshop to officially launch the new Centre for the Historical Record. Professor Julius Weinberg, Vice Chancellor of Kingston, opened proceedings...

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