Heritage, Museum and Gallery Education

Reading List

By Newcastle University, published 1st January 2010

Heritage, Museum and Gallery Education reading list provided by Newcastle University 

Essential Reading

Anderson, David,
A common wealth : museums and learning in the United Kingdom
Department of National Heritage, 1997

Cracknell, S. & Corbishley, M.,
Presenting Archaeology to Young People
Council for British Archaeology, 1986.  

Henson, Donald,
Archaeology in the English national curriculum
Council for British Archaeology, 1997

Hooper-Greenhill, Eilean,
The educational role of the museum, 2nd Edition
Routledge, 1999

Hooper-Greenhill, Eilean,
Museum and gallery education
Leicester University Press, 1991

Jameson, John H,
Presenting archaeology to the public : digging for truths
AltaMira Press, 1997

Moffat, Hazel, Woollard, Vicky,
Museum and gallery education : a manual of good practice
Altamira Press, 2004

Stone, Peter G., Molyneaux, Brian,
The presented past : heritage, museums, and education
Routledge, 1994

Stone, Peter G., Planel, Philippe,
The constructed past : experimental archaeology, education, and the public
Routledge, 1999.

Stone, Peter G., MacKenzie, Robert,
The Excluded past : archaeology in education
Routledge, 1994