My Favourite History Place: Maiden Castle

Historian feature

By Dave Martin, published 17th April 2020

In the six years I have been on the editorial board of The Historian I have enjoyed reading about many historians’ favourite places so it is fitting that I write my last contribution about mine. Maiden Castle  is the largest Celtic hill fort in southern Europe. I forget when I first heard of it but I can clearly remember the first time I visited, on a January afternoon in 1990. I had just taken up the appointment as an advisory teacher for history in Dorset and at the end of a hectic first week had an hour to myself. Based in Dorchester it took me just ten minutes to drive into the car park which looks pretty much the same today. There is no visitor centre. An attempt to build one was blocked by those who felt it would intrude upon the monument itself. Instead there are some information boards at strategic points around the site...

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