Film: Elizabeth I and Tudor Royal Authority

Development of Tudor Royal Authority film series

By Professor Sue Doran, Jesus College, University of Oxford, published 28th April 2020

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In this film, Professor Sue Doran, Jesus College, University of Oxford, looks at the two main challenges to Elizabeth I's authority: gender and religion. Professor Doran looks at the power of Elizabeth's personality, her relationship with her advisers plus the significance of religion and domestics politics to shaping her reign and defining her legacy.

Development of Tudor Royal Authority – film series

This film is part of a series looking at interpretations of the development of Tudor royal authority, and how historians interpret the role and significance of various following factors in its development including personality, religion, domestic policies and foreign relations.

  1. Tudor Royal Authority - Overview
  2. Henry VII
  3. Henry VIII (coming soon)
  4. Edward VI
  5. Mary I
  6. Elizabeth I
  7. Discussion: Personality and Tudor Royal Authority
  8. Discussion: The significance of advisers
  9. Discussion: Religion
  10. Discussion: Foreign Relations
  11. Discussion: Domestic Politics

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