The Wolfson Prize for History at 50

Historian article

By Paula Kitching, published 25th August 2022

It is not just HM The Queen that is having a significant anniversary this year. Other events also reached significant milestones. In this article we trace the important breadth of the Wolfson Prize For History.  

Recent announcements seem to indicate that book prizes are being cut or stopped in many places, the reasons why vary, but none of those given seem to suggest that it is because they have become unimportant. Literary prizes can have a huge impact on a writer’s career, through fame, sales and financial support. However, it is not just the writer and publisher who benefit, it is the literary world as a whole.

Most prizes cover different genres of writing and within those there are often sub genres or a division of categories. For the world of history there are numerous prizes and recognitions for different areas of historical study but the prize for history that is also a book prize that is the most well-known is the Wolfson History Prize...

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