The Historian 139: The Anglo-Saxons

The magazine of the Historical Association

By Editors: Trevor James and Catherine Cubitt, published 16th November 2018


4 Reviews

5 Editorial (Read article)

6 New light on Rendlesham: lordship and landscape in East Anglia, 400-800 – Christopher Scull and Tom Williamson (Read article)

12 The Venerable Bede: recent research – Conor O’Brien (Read article)

16 Alfred versus the Viking Great Army – Caitlin Ellis (Read article)

23 The President’s Column

24 Anglo-Saxon women and power – Barbara Yorke (Read article)

53 Out and About in Ryedale – Tom Pickles (Read article)

30 Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians, 918-2018 – Michael Wood (Read article)

34 The Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms and Europe: a view from the manuscripts – Joanna Story (Read article)

40 Kings and coins in later Anglo-Saxon England – Rory Naismith (Read article)

44 In the news

47 The Waggoners’ Memorial: Sledmere Yorkshire – Paula Kitching (Read article)

49 First World War memorials in ten tweets

50 My Favourite History Place: The North Wessex Downs and Cwichelm’s Barrow – Andrew Holland (Read article)

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