Owain Glyndŵr

Podcasted history: Medieval Wales

By Dr Gideon Brough, published 1st December 2015

The Man the Name

Owain Glyndŵr (Welsh pronunciation: [ˈoʊain ɡlɨ̞nˈduːr]), or Owain Glyn Dŵr, (c. 1349 or 1359 - c. 1415) was a Welsh ruler and the last native Welshman to hold the title Prince of Wales (Tywysog Cymru). He instigated a fierce and long-running but ultimately unsuccessful revolt against the English rule of Wales.

In this podcast Dr Gideon Brough looks at Owain Glyndŵr: The Man the Name.

1. The Early Years of Owain Glyndŵr
2. Revolt.
3. The leader of the rebellion.
4. Legal restrictions on Wales.
5. Owain's First Parliament and Prince of Wales.
6. 1404 Treaty with France and a vision of a Welsh State.
7. The demise of the revolt.
8. Legacy.

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