Re-imagining Democracy

The History of Democracy

By Professor Mark Philp. Produced by Simon Brown, published 11th August 2015

Changing Perceptions of Democracy

The following set of podcasts feature Professor Mark Philp of the University of Warwick discussing how peoples perceptions of democracy changed between 1750 and 1850 and is based on the findings of the Re-imagining democracy project, begun in 2005 by Joanna Innes and Mark Philp.

1. Introduction. Democracy from negative to positive.
2. Institutional change.
3. Modern vs. Ancient concepts of democracy.
4. Democracy vs. Aristocracy.
5. Democracy and the American Revolution.
6. Democracy and the French Revolution.
7. Alexis De Tockville.
8. Different visions of what democracy meant.
9. Different democratic practices.
10. Government responsibility and democracy.
11. Conclusion.
12. Questioning our assumptions.

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