The French Revolution: Legacy

Can the revolution be split into phases?

By Professor Munro Price, published 30th August 2019

Continuing relevance

Waterloo 200 legacy - Age of Revolution

In this podcast Professor Munro Price of the University of Bradford looks at the legacy and significance of the French Revolution.

This podcast was funded by the Age of Revolution education legacy project and recorded with the help of Maria Edwards and George Evans-Hulme, Student Ambassadors at the University of Kent.


1. Introduction to the legacy of the French Revolution
2. What tips would you give people studying the French Revolution?
3. Can you split the French Revolution into phases?
4. Is the Napoleonic Era a continuation of the Revolution?
5. Is the idea of inner and outer empire useful?
6. Is the French Revolution relevant to today's students?
7. What is the relevance of the Napoleonic era to today's students?
8. After Napoleon: Does the spirit of the revolution live on?
9. Were barricades ever used in the French Revolution or Napoleonic Era in Paris?
10. Good sources.

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