Germany: The Two Ottos, 1848-1871

By Dr Anna Ross, published 31st March 2020

In this podcast, Dr. Anna Ross of the University of Warwick considers both Otto von Manteuffel and Otto von Bismarck by examining the roles each played in the unification of Germany. She particularly focuses on Otto von Manteuffel and his contributions while in office, specifically his backing of constitutions, his reform of the criminal justice system and his efforts at enacting redemption laws for peasants. Though Otto von Manteuffel is often disregarded, Ross argues that both Bismarck and Manteuffel contributed to German unification in equally important ways.

1. Introduction: Otto Theodor von Manteuffel
2. What did Manteuffel achieve whilst in office?
3. How does this relate to the story of Bismarck and German unification?

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