A Historiography of the Crusades

By Professor Andrew Jotischky, published 19th April 2023

Changing Interpretations

In this podcast Professor Andrew Jotischky of Royal Holloway University of London, discusses some of the key historians and interpretations of the Crusades. Professor Jotischky explores the influences and thinking that informed different historian's research, approaches and traditions and looks at how this has transformed the study and understanding of the Crusades over time.

1. Introduction.
2. Starting points: four groups of historians.
3. How do we define a Crusade?
4. The French historiographical tradition.
5. Steven Runciman, R. C. Smail & the Israeli School.
6. A rejection of ideology.
7. A revisionist approach.
8. Recent interpretations.
9. Ronnie Ellenblum & climactic history.
10. Areas for future research.

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