The Western magical tradition

By Professor Ronald Hutton, published 30th November 2020

From Egypt to the West

In modern times, occultists have spoken of a specifically western tradition of ceremonial magic, which has been continuously handed down through the millennia, in secret, from an original starting point in ancient Egypt.

Although professional historians have become increasingly interested in the history of magic in general, there has not yet been any general survey to test this proposition. This podcast by Professor Ronald Hutton of the University of Bristol is designed to provide one.

1. Introduction.
2. Magic in Ancient Egypt.
3. Magic in the Near East, Babylon and Mesopotamia.
4. Ancient Greece and Rome.
5. The Roman Empire and the Egyptian magical subculture.
6. The essential features of western magic.
7. Egyptian magic in Neo-Platonism, Judaism and Christianity.
8. The eight enduring techniques of western ritual magic.
9. What did Judaism, Christianity and Islam contribute to the magic that came out of Egypt?
10. The three huge contributions of the Near East on how Europeans view the supernatural.

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