The Church in 10th and 11th Century England

Podcasted history: The Anglo-Saxons

By Professor Katy Cubitt, published 30th November 2018

The growth of the local church and monastic reform

In this podcast, Katy Cubitt, Professor of Medieval History at the University of East Anglia, discusses the ways the church developed and changed in 10th and 11th century England. This period involved the rise of the local parish and the emergence of religious leaders who would attempt to ‘restore and purify' the religious communities of England in the hope that they might return to the imagined golden age of Bede.

1. Introduction to 10th-11th Century Church in England
2. The Local Parish Church
3. The Minster Churches and the Monastic reform
4. A desire for definition and purity
5. Aelfric and Wulfstan
6. Conclusion

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