Decline and Fall of the Byzantine Empire

The History of the Byzantine Empire

By Dr Dionysios Stathakopoulos, published 11th August 2015

The Rise of the Ottomans

In this podcast Dr Dionysios Stathakopoulos looks at the period 1204-1453 and discusses the political, but also cultural history of the Empire in this era with an emphasis on what Byzantium bequeathed to the early modern world - the Renaissance in Italy.

1. The impact of the 4th Crusade on the Byzantine Empire.
2. 1261: The Byzantines take back Constantinople and the remnants of their Empire
3. The Rise of the Ottomans.
4. Social changes in the last years before collapse. The emergence of the Mesoi and aristocratic entrepreneurs.
5. Cultural revival and scholars and ancient Greek texts
6. East-West intellectual contact.

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