The British Empire in India

Early Modern World History

By Dr Jon Wilson. Produced by Simon Brown, published 12th August 2015

From Trade to Conquest

In this podcast Dr Jon Wilson of King's College London looks at the origins of the British Empire in India, the importance of the East India Company, Anglo-French rivalry in India, the significance of relations between the British and the Indian princes for the expansion of British rule, the Governor Generals, Missionaries and discusses some current debates.

1. What were the origins of the British Empire in India?
2. Growing trade and commercial concern in India. Global conflict with rivals France.
3. The decline of the Mughal Empire. The East India Company and the battle for sovereignty.
4. The British attitude to Indian sovereigns: distrust, conflict and the acquisition of territory.
5. Why do the British conquer large parts of India?
6. The conquest of India: an unplanned ad hoc process.
7. The Governor Generals: the establishment of military rule.
8. Missionaries in India.
9. Colonial knowledge: British efforts to understand Indian society.

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