The Southern Princes of Powys

By Dr Melissa Julian-Jones, published 2nd November 2015

Gwenwynwyn ab Owain Cyfeiliog (died c. 1216) was the last major ruler of mid Wales before the completion of the Norman English invasion. Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn (died c. 1286), son of Gwenwynwyn ab Owain Cyfeiliog was a Welsh prince who was lord of the part of Powys known as Powys Wenwynwyn.In this podcast Dr Melissa Julian-Jones of Cardiff University looks at the lives and politics of the Princes of Southern Powys: Gwenwynwen ab Owain Cyfeiliog and his son Gruffudd ap Gwenwynen.

1. Introduction to the Southern Princes of Powys
2. Gwenwynwen ab Owain Cyfeiliog.
3. Marriage and Realpolitiks.
4. Gwenwynwen's Legacy.
5. The politics of Southern Powys.
6. King John, Llywelyn & Magna Carta.
7. Gruffud, Llywelyn & Henry III.
8. Gruffud, Edward I and the conquest of Wales.
9. Conclusion.

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