Gruffydd ap Cynan

Medieval Welsh History

By Dr David Wyatt, published 3rd November 2015

King of Gwynedd

Gruffudd ap Cynan (c. 1055 - 1137), sometimes written as Gruffydd ap Cynan, was King of Gwynedd from 1081 until his death in 1137.In this podcast Dr David Wyatt of Cardiff University looks at the life and significance of Gruffudd ap Cynan.

1. Gruffydd ap Cynan: Wales, England, Ireland and the Vikings.
2. The Dublin to York sea route.
3. Cynan's father marries into the Viking Silkenbeard dynasty.
4. Early Career.
5. The Normans.
6. Escape, defeat and exile.
7. Magnus Barelegs and his Norwegian Maritime Empire.
8. Return and rise of Gruffudd.
9. The Welsh, Irish and Viking World.

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