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  • The Origins of the Spanish Civil War

    25th May 2017

    The Spanish Civil War was one of the most devastating wars to affect a European country during the twentieth century. It removed a monarchy, turned region on region and created a dictator. For a while the conflict in Spain became the rallying point for idealists and fighters from all over...

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  • Branch Podcast: Good Evening Sweetheart

    5th March 2017

    Just before our "Good Evening Sweetheart" talk (9th February) was due to start in Hillhead Library a young lady librarian rushed in waving a sheet of paper, looking very excited - the Secretary wondered if we were double booked and about to be asked to leave.  But no!   She announced...

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  • Podcast Series: The Women's Movement

    Multipage Article

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  • The Alhambra Decree

    10th February 2017

    In March 1492, 525 years ago, the Spanish Catholic Monarchs Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon issued the Alhambra Decree. The decree issued an ultimatum that all of the Jews living in Spain had just four months to convert to Christianity or leave Spanish territory. There are...

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  • It's LGBT History month: how far have we come?

    1st February 2017

    The British Government has pardoned thousands of gay and bisexual men found guilty of sexual offenses that are no longer crimes. The Alan Turing Law recognises that these men approximately 49,000 of them had done nothing wrong.  In the last couple of decades civil rights for the LGBT community in...

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  • Cock-a-doodle doo: It's Chinese New year!

    31st January 2017

    Chinese New Year is celebrated for two weeks – what a party! There are 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac and each year is represented by one of the 12, this year it is the Rooster or bird that is in top position. Chinese New Year or Spring Festival as...

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  • How to use 'My Saved Resources'

    2nd December 2016

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  • New Podcast: The USA - From Rebellion to Republic

    22nd November 2016

    The American election has dominated much of the news recently. While many outside of the US might not have been completely familiar with the structural and electoral nuances of the system most people recognised that the Presidential election would have an impact on women, African Americans and minorities. In this...

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  • New Podcast: Sarah Foot on the Anglo-Saxons

    21st November 2016

    In this podcast Professor Sarah Foot of Christ Church College, Oxford, looks at the development of Anglo-Saxon England from 871 to 1000. What did England look like in 871? A reasonable question to ask and one that Professor Sarah Foot introduces us to in this insightful exploration of a period...

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  • Film: London’s Dreaded Visitation by Justin Champion

    25th July 2016

    It was the best thing to happen this summer! HA conference in Harrogate – the keynote lectures. If you couldn’t be with us in May at HA conference fear not, we are kind folk here at the HA and we are going to share some of the best bits with...

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