Historical Story Competition 2009 Winning Stories


Published: 26th July 2009

The competition this year has again been very successful. We received 111 entries from 51 schools across England and Wales. These broke down into 39 stories from Year 7 pupils, 41 from Year 8 pupils and 31 from Year 9 pupils. Their stories came from all periods and places in the past; they ranged from Ancient Egypt to post war Europe and the July bombings in London. The quality of stories was best from Year 7 and from Year 9, who in particular wrote shorter and more controlled stories. Pupils in Year 8 tended to write very long, over ambitious stories and the judges decided to award only one of the two prizes available to this year group. Instead a third award was made to Year 9. In some cases pupils had clearly worked as a Year group writing stories set in a particular period, in others as members of a history club or as part of the provision for gifted and talented pupils; whilst some had written entirely on their own. All were remarkably creative.

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