The Dawson Lectures

By HA, published 16th September 2022

In 2021, Ian Dawson suggested there should be a place and a way for us to honour and respect those who have gone above and beyond to help support, nurture and promote those involved with teaching, as well as producing resources and guidance that can assist teachers with developing their own work. These comments were made in regard to a now departed colleague. His words rang true, not least because Ian is exactly the sort of educator who has nurtured and supported his peers and produced exceptional resources and teaching models that he has shared with generations of teachers. Ian wasn’t talking about himself, but he could have been and that is why we have named these lectures in his honour.

The lecture is awarded to celebrate an individual who has supported and nurtured history teachers and teaching. Nominations are sought on an annual basis.

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  • Introducing the Dawson Lectures
  • Inaugural Dawson Lecture: Dr Katharine Burn
  • In Conversation With Teachers
  • Dawson Lecture 2023, Martin Spafford: How should young people 'feel' and 'do' history?
  • In Conversation with Teachers