War, Society and the State in Early Modern Europe


By Frank Tallett, published 9th September 2012

Lecture from the 2012 HA Annual Conference 

Frank Tallett: Fellow in History at the University of Reading and former Head of its School of Humanities

Until recently, military history has largely been concerned with ‘badges and buttons', an approach that stressed tactics, strategy and weapons. The so-called New Military History has sought to put warfare in its social, economic and institutional contexts. This talk will accordingly look at how armies were raised, what life was like for ordinary soldiers, and at the impact warfare had on the social structure, on government and on civilians in the early modern period. Dr Frank Tallet's publications include: War and Society in Early Modern Europe (2001), Priests, Prelates and People: a History of European Catholicism (with Nick Atkin, 2003) and The Wiley-Blackwell Dictionary of Modern European History since 1789 (with Nick Atkin and Michael Biddiss, 2011).


War, Society and the State in Early Modern Europe