Subject leaders: supporting colleagues to develop their subject knowledge

Primary History article

By Kate Rigby, published 14th June 2021

The role of the subject leader

Many teachers are especially concerned about subject knowledge and knowing what to teach. Using the example of the ancient Egyptians, this article focuses on how a subject leader can support colleagues develop and use their subject knowledge to become more adept at teaching.

One of the most frequent concerns of primary teachers is subject knowledge. How do we know what to teach? Where can we find those interesting snippets that really bring a topic to life? Since many primary teachers have not studied history since the age of fourteen, it is no surprise that subject knowledge is often such an area of anxiety. After all, the curriculum we teach today probably bears little resemblance to the history many studied at school ourselves. Although you may really enjoy teaching history, it can be difficult to teach the ‘how’ and ‘why’ when you are simply stuck at ‘what’... 

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