Ancient Sumer

Primary History article

By Dr Catherine Parker Heath, published 6th March 2015

For many teachers and children alike, Ancient Sumer will be completely new. Although Sumer has always been an option for teaching about Early Civilisations, the fame of Ancient Egypt, as well as being a tried-and-tested topic, has meant that Sumer has perhaps been overlooked. There is little danger of failing to capture children's imaginations, however.

Ancient Sumer is as every bit as alluring and treasure-laden as Ancient Egypt, if not more so, and there are some great stories to get your teeth into. It also lays claim to a number of firsts such as the first cities and first writing, and to being inventors of the wheel, sailboats, mathematics and time, as well as being called the ‘Cradle of Civilisation'. It is hoped that this article will persuade you to consider teaching Ancient Sumer and give welcome support and ideas if you do...

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