Tackling the Key Stage 1 Curriculum Interview

HA Interview

By Author: Paula Granger. Produced by Simon Brown, published 28th July 2014

Here, in this series of films, the Year 2 teacher, Paula Granger, discusses the challenges they faced, what decisions they made, what worked well and what didn't quite work the way they intended, and how they coped. She also discusses the changes they decided to make for this year in the light of trying to implement the new curriculum. If you are grappling with implementing the changes to history in Key Stage One you should find this film really helpful.

Questions covered include: What do you think of the new Key Stage 1 curriculum? What are the key areas you have to look at? What content did you change and why? How did you introduce the 'compare significant people’? What should schools be thinking about when choosing significant people to compare?

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An Interview with Paula Granger

  • Tackling the Key Stage 1 Curriculum (Part 1)
  • Tackling the Key Stage 1 Curriculum (Part 2)