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By Author: Hilary Cooper. Editor: Simon Brown, published 17th February 2012

In this podcast Dr Hilary Cooper, Professor of History and Pedagogy at the University of Cumbria, looks at why teachers and students seem to enjoy primary history and discusses processes of enquiry, chronological understanding and planning a topic.


1. Ofsted Report History for All published in 2011 said that: "history taught in schools was good or better in two thirds of schools visited and adequate in the rest of the schools. The HA Primary Survey found that in spite of the other pressures in the primary curriculum teachers and pupils still enjoy history - why do you think this is?

Why do primary school students and teachers enjoy history


2. Jerome Bruner said that it is important to identify the key processes of enquiry in each subject. What are the ‘processes of enquiry in history?

What are the processes of enquiry in primary history?

3. There seems to be concern at the moment an that children do not have a clear understanding of chronological sequence, dates and names of queens and kings. What's your view?

Chronological Understanding in Primary History


4. What advice would you give to teachers planning a history topic?


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