Bring on the iPad revolution

Primary History case study

By Nicholas Garrick and Dave Hall, published 11th December 2012

Bring on the iPad revolution

The opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic games celebrated change whilst demonstrating the challenges revolutions have on the world. From green pastures to belching chimneystacks, from post-war Britain to the World Wide Internet and text messaging, the way society interacts is changing at an incomprehensible rate.

The same could be said of education. The way in which today's children absorb and access information is ever changing. As teachers we are constantly adapting, incorporating new ways of sourcing and interrogating information.

Digital individualised learning, and iPads are a monumental change currently challenging the mode of the teacher as sole facilitator. There are other machines available, but we are an iPad, Mac, iPod, iPhone school... and celebrate it...

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