Time and Place; Using a Local Historical Site with Key Stage 2 and 3

Time and Place

By Author Andrew Wrenn. Web Editor: Simon Brown, published 26th June 2012

English Heritage and the Historical Association have teamed up to provide this great new CPD guide to getting the most out of local historical sites with your classes. This easy to follow unit provides the basis for an entire unit of local study using the built heritage around you. Examples come from English Heritage sites in Canterbury, but the concepts and practical appraches used can be translated to any locality.

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Using a Local Historical Site with Key Stage 2 and 3

  • About this Unit
  • Section 1: Introducing the site
  • Section 1: Introducing the Site (continued)
  • Section 2: Explaining drastic change at a site
  • Section 3: Assessing change to a site over time
  • Section 4: Analysing how an historic site is presented today