By Angela Kecojevic (Neem Tree Press)


Review by Benjamin, St. Peter’s Primary School, Heysham
I loved this book, it was very descriptive and very interesting because there were many cliff hangers and a lot of unnatural things. This book was set a long time ago making it even ore interesting, I knew this because one coin is very valuable in Greenwich.

I found Skelter Tombola fascinating and interesting because at first, he was cold and heartless but near the end, he changed. I didn’t really like Dodge because he didn’t appear in the story often and he didn’t have much description. This book is perfect for young people that love the combination of horror and adventure.

For me, Scare Ground is a spooky themed book with lots of plots twists and exciting parts to it. There is nothing I didn’t like about the book at all! Everything is perfect and mind blowing.

Review by Ahnaf, Moorside primary school, Lancaster
To start this review off, I seriously think this is the best book I have ever read and I can’t wait until the second book in the series comes out, known as Skyreader. So, know I will tell you why this is the best book I have ever read.

It starts out with a girl called Nancy Crumpet who was adopted for life, or at least that’s what she thought… Anyways, she also has this friend called Arthur Green, who shares the same taste for great adventure. But, everything changes as a fairground, or should I say Scareground, enters Greenwich, which is her town. At first they want to go to the famous charming Skelter Tombola’s for fun, but little did they know that this heap of a mystery was far from fun. It was an interesting yet destructive thing, especially for one’s personality; macabre…

Now I have told you the plot, I shall tell you my personal views of this book. I found Skelter the most interesting because of his background. I didn’t like dodge because he was really nasty. I learnt that the demon of darkness was Agramon. I found that more people were macabre and dark back in the olden days. The plot was exciting, thought provoking and serious at the same time. What stands out most for me is the amount of plot twists, breath-taking moments and mystery in it. I would recommend this to anyone who absolutely loves mystery like me.

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