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The most effective professional development happens over a period of time, over several sessions and allows time for implementation and time for reflection about the thinking and ideas that it has stimulated. There are many different approaches to professional development. At the Historical Association we are continuing to develop flexible professional development opportunities to suit all budgets, needs and timescales. In this section you'll find details of all our available opportunities. This area will be regularly updated as new CPD opportunities become available, so don't forget to keep it bookmarked. 

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  • Your HA Webinar Calendar 2020: Covid-19 update

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    Primary webinars | Secondary | Student | General interest We know that it's not easy for teachers to get out of school or have budgets to afford a plentiful supply of CPD under normal circumstances. At present we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation and we know that while teachers continue...

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  • Webinar: How do we know about the Victorians?

    3rd December 2020

    Historians call the time Queen Victoria was on the throne the ‘Great Changes’. They argue the world changed completely at this time, but is that really the case? And what have the Victorians left behind that lets us explore their world? Was it all poverty and dirty, deadly cities? Dangerous...

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  • Webinar: What is the legacy of the Second World War?

    26th November 2020

    Hear how the surrender of the Germans on the 11 November 1918 in a French forest glade at Compiegne ended the First World War, paving the way for the Second World War, weigh up the relative importance of its other causes such as the rise of Hitler and the Great...

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  • Webinar: What can we tell about the Maya from those alive today?

    19th November 2020

    Some historians regard the Maya as the most successful civilisation of all those to develop in Meso-America. What made them so special? There were over 30 different city-states spread across the region. Were they an urban society, or a rural one? And what exactly did happen to the Maya around...

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  • Webinar: Using oral history in the classroom

    12th November 2020

    Have you ever thought about using or making audio recordings to engage your class in a history topic? Whether it’s a major event such as Spanish Flu or Evacuation, or an exploration of what your community or school used to be like, the impact on students of questioning and listening...

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  • Webinar: How do we know about ancient Sumer?

    11th November 2020

    Understand how the civilization of ancient Sumer developed between the mighty Euphrates and Tigris rivers in modern Iraq, learn about the many “firsts“ claimed for the civilization such as irrigation, the wheel, writing and the measurement of time, trace the history of the region from rival city states to the...

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  • Webinar: Vikings in your classroom: some lessons from archaeology

    9th November 2020

    What are some of the commonest misconceptions about the Viking period, and how can archaeology offer authentic insights for your learners into the lives, beliefs and experiences of people who lived 1000 years ago? Taking the example of the Coppergate dig in York, this webinar will look at some of...

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  • Webinar: What is the legacy of the ancient Greeks?

    5th November 2020

    We are familiar with many – if not all – of the legacies the Greeks have left us. Perhaps it is time for a refresh? For instance, by around 400BC more Greeks lived outside of Greece, rather than within Greece proper. Why were the Romans, and others, so taken with...

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  • Webinar: How do we know about Shang Dynasty China?

    22nd October 2020

    What can you tell about an ancient civilisation from ONE grave? Even if it is the grave of a warrior queen? This webinar will use the artefacts found in the grave of Fu Hao, and other Shang artefacts, to explore life during the Shang Dynasty, and suggest ways we can...

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  • Webinar: What do we owe to the ancient Egyptians?

    15th October 2020

    Hear why the River Nile was so crucial to the development of ancient Egyptian civilisation, shift the astonishingly rich original evidence excavated from barren landscapes such as the long hidden treasures of the boy pharaoh Tutankhamen and the Rosetta Stone, key to unlocking the secrets of hieroglyphics, understand why ancient...

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  • Webinar: Before the Windrush

    13th October 2020

    In this webinar Professor Hakim Adi surveys the history of African and Caribbean people in Britain before and after 1948, and suggests that much more investigation and care is needed in order to avoid the repetition of misleading myths about ‘Black British’ history.

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  • Webinar: What is the legacy of the Vikings?

    12th October 2020

    The Vikings are normally portrayed as vicious raiders, descending on undefended targets and making off with slaves and gold and silver. How accurate a view of Vikings is this? And did the Vikings change over time, from raiders to traders and settlers, Pagans to Christians, even, in the case of...

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  • Webinar: Teaching chronology in primary history

    8th October 2020

    This webinar will explore how to teach chronological understanding in the primary classroom, building and developing children’s knowledge of the past through use of timelines, different timescales, studying in overview and depth and sequencing content in particular ways. Webinars in this series will focus on the disciplinary knowledge needed to...

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  • Webinar: What did the earliest civilisations all have in common?

    5th October 2020

    Ever wondered how to teach 'the achievements of the earliest civilisations – an overview of where and when the first civilisations appeared' before you cover the depth study of either Ancient Sumer, the Indus Valley, Ancient Egypt or the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China? In this webinar, Chris Trevor will...

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  • Webinar: How did Roman Britain become Anglo-Saxon England?

    1st October 2020

    From public baths to wooden feasting halls, from legionaries to warriors,from Caesar to Woden and then finally Christ- hear how southern Britain was transformed from an ordered Imperial province of Rome into an England of Germanic migrants, the Anglo-Saxons. Marvel at their artistry and craftsmanship as we unravel the mysteries...

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  • Webinar: Teaching historical significance in primary history

    29th September 2020

    This webinar will explore how to teach historical significance in the primary classroom, helping children decide how and why past individuals, periods and societies might be considered important including how this overlaps with the study of historical interpretations. Webinars in this series will focus on the disciplinary knowledge needed to...

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  • Webinar: What have the Romans ever done for us?

    24th September 2020

    A recent article in the Daily Telegraph suggested that ‘the best thing the Romans ever did for us was to leave!’ Is that really true? What about ‘Pax Romana’ and the civilising influence Rome had on those unruly Celtic tribes? And if it was all so good why did it...

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  • Webinar recording and Q&A: The Americas at Key Stage 2

    21st September 2020

    By popular demand we are giving teachers the chance to view some of our best webinars from recent years by releasing recordings of previous webinars for a limited time period. Each recording will be accompanied by an optional Q&A from the presenter to discuss any questions and how their approach...

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  • Primary subject knowledge webinars

    3rd June 2020

    We are pleased to announce a new series of subject knowledge webinars aimed specifically at teachers of primary history. This series, presented by Alf Wilkinson and Andrew Wrenn, aims to develop primary teachers' subject knowledge covering all topics on the National Curriculum. Each practical, enquiry-led webinar will survey the academic subject knowledge of a...

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  • An introduction to mastering primary history

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    2020-21 Please note that under the current circumstances, all upcoming face-to-face dates for this course have been postponed until 2021. All rescheduled dates are provisional and subject to review. For more information see HA statement on coronavirus. In light of this, we will be trialling an online version of this course in the autumn...

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