Victorian Britain and the Victorian World


By Author: Robert Guyver. Web Editor: Simon Brown, published 16th October 2009

This E-CPD unit has a number of possible focuses within the broader topic of Victorian Britain and the wider Victorian world.  This follows a pattern that is strong within the structures of the School History Project.  Each sub-topic needs to mirror what is best in history education at primary level, including an overview of the sub-topic to set it into context, an opportunity to look at contemporary sources (including, written , pictorial, artefactual), the full exploration of any local history or examples, an approach that will allow for active learning, enquiry, questioning, dialogue, creativity, getting ‘inside' the historical situation, and links not only with other subjects but with other sub-topics within this ‘unit'.

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  • Rationale and Overview

Trade, communication, art, architecture, family and Empire

  • Looking for Victorians in your local area
  • Trade and industry
  • Travel and communications - railways, shipping and the penny post
  • Art and artists
  • Architects and architecture
  • Music and dance
  • Queen Victoria and her family
  • Letters, diaries, photographs and film
  • Colonies and Empire
  • The Great Exhibition 1851

War, women, employment, crime and punishment

  • Wars and significant people
  • Women travellers and explorers
  • Changes in employment - children at work
  • Crime and punishment

Religion, medicine, sport and literature

  • Religious changes, challenges and diversity
  • The history of medicine
  • Football in Victorian Britain
  • Writers and literature

Schemes of work, cross-curricular themes and principles for teaching Victorian Britain

  • Ideas for work with children and activities
  • Links with other subjects
  • Principles for teaching about Victorian Britain
  • Enhancing teachers' subject knowledge
  • Booklist