The Great Fire of London 1666

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Published: 17th March 2011

London in 1666 was a large and growing city. It was of great importance both as the country's capital city, but also as the seat of government. It was by far the largest city in the country. It had far outgrown its original city walls and because of its sprawling nature, was seen by some as a haphazard gaggle of wood - in effect a fire waiting to happen.  The Thames was also a very important trade route out to sea and London became lined with wealthy merchants and manufacturers. The aristocracy tended to live outside of London.

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The Great Fire of London 1666

  • Events of the Fire
  • What caused the Great Fire of London and its spread?
  • Facts about the Great Fire of London
  • Samuel Pepys
  • Christopher Wren
  • London after the Great Fire