The Vikings - Primary E-CPD

Primary e-CPD unit

Podcast Author: Professor Rosamond McKitterick. CPD Author: Rob Guyver. Producer: Simon Brown, 25th January 2014

The purpose of this unit is to provide for teachers' subject knowledge on the Vikings. This reflects a need for up-to-date and scholarly historical knowledge, but this also demonstrates that it is essential to see the Vikings as having diversified experiences and impacts over time in a variety of geographical contexts - European, Mediterannean and North Atlantic.

Vikings CPD

  • Introduction
  • Vikings: A Brief History
  • Who were the Vikings?
  • Why should we stop thinking of the Vikings as violent marauders?
  • The Vikings as Traders
  • Founding and developing towns
  • Pagan Viking Times and Christian Viking Times
  • Did Viking Paganism influence Christianity?
  • In what ways were Vikings political?
  • Was the Danelaw a separate Viking State?
  • The Viking Settlers and Anglo-Saxon Rule
  • How have the Vikings been interpreted over time?
  • References & Further Reading

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