The Blitz - Lesson Ideas - Film

The Blitz

By Authors: Bristol PGCE Trainees. Produced by Simon Brown, published 22nd October 2012

On the 20th of October 2011, Lecturers and PGCE trainees at the University of the West of England, Bristol created a Blitz experience for the children of three local primary schools. The University's Education department was transformed into a Blitz style street, complete with a home front kitchen, a Warden's post- with genuine air raid siren, WVS soup kitchen, Morrison Shelter, town hall, and Home Guard patrol. Additionally, all of the trainees were provided with 1940s costume, ranging from boiler suits to military uniforms, and given specific characters to assume.

Have a look at the following films to get some ideas of how you might create a 'Blitz Environment' in your classroom.

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Blitz Films

  • Introduction
  • Air Raid Shelters
  • Cooking
  • Dig for Victory
  • Evacuees
  • Morse and Semaphore
  • Rationing and Making Things
  • The Home Guard
  • Observations
  • Imagination and artefacts
  • Conclusion - critical thinking and reflection


  • Acknowledgements