Primary Teacher Fellowship Programme: Teaching the Age of Revolutions

Teacher Fellowship Programme 2018

Published: 5th July 2019

The 2018 Teacher Fellowship Programme was the first to include a dedicated strand for primary teaching, led by Karin Doull. It looked at developing teaching of the Age of Revolutions (1755-1848) and was fully funded by the Age of Revolution education legacy project. It focused on improving the teaching of late eighteenth and early nineteenth century history in UK primary schools through the development of teacher subject knowledge and subject pedagogy. There was an associated secondary programme.

The Fellowship began in Belgium at Waterloo with a fascinating and engaging residential, which included tours of the museums and the battle site guided by Richard Kerridge and Sacha Cinnamond, with input from the wonderfully knowledgeable and intellectually generous Waterloo200 volunteers, Mick Crumplin, Carole Divall and Gareth Glover. Participants then engaged in an online course which considered the various aspects of the period including approaches, significance and sources.


Based on their learning from the programme, the participants developed a number of resources to improve the teaching of the Age of Revolutions in the classroom. You can look through the first of these resources below. 

The resources published here are the property of the authors and publication does not necessarily imply the HA’s approval of the opinions expressed in the resources. We have tried to identify the copyright holder of any images used within the resources but please contact us if you have any concerns. If you have any questions about these resources, please contact Maheema Chanrai, the Historical Association Education and Events Officer, at


As part of the programme we have recorded a series of podcasts which you can use to improve your subject knowledge of this period. These are all free to access via the link below and contain interviews with academic historians.

Waterloo200 legacy - Age of Revolution