By Paul Dowswell

1.It’s a very interesting book a has a good sense of humour but for ten year olds it needs to cut down its swear words but it had good facts about the trenches ,the waves what they went in ,no man’s land and the battle field . I liked Eddie but when he died I liked tom better.

By Lucas

2. Characters

    From what I’ve read is that there is a maximum of 7 main characters. In 1916: Charlie, a 17 year old who lied about his age to get into the army; Eddie, who Charlie pulled into the army with him and Rose, Charlie’s girlfriend. In 2016 however there is: Charlie, who is named after Charlie in the war; Eddie, who was named after Eddie in the war and (Grandma) Rose, whose mum was Rose from war-time and Rosie, Charlie’s girlfriend.

 The plot

Well from what you can see from the characters, there are two time settings: 1916 and 2016. The book starts Friday July 1st 2016. Charlie and Eddie are helping Grandma Rose clear out their Great aunt Lily’s house when Charlie finds a picture of the Hasting Pals. Then it goes to 1916: 

In 1916 it starts with Charlie in the trench checking if his water bottle was full. He looked at his watch and it said 07:00, only half an hour until the push. As they crossed No Man’s Land the Germans started to shoot at the Brits but Charlie and Eddie are right at the line cutting through the German barbed wire. Eddie is standing so Charlie pulls him down, in the process knocking him into the barbed wire. And then the bombs started coming down causing Charlie to leave Eddie and retreat into a crater with other Brits only to see most of them dead. A few minutes later Charlie stands up, to see when the next waves of Brits are, but is shot.

It then goes to Rose dreading the card with the black border. The day of Charlie’s (probably fatal) injury, Rose receives a letter from Charlie’s Sergeant to say he’d been badly injured. It says Charlie is on a hospital train coming back to Hastings. There is a bit more to the chapter but it doesn’t matter to this particular review. Back to 2016 – Grandma Rose finds Charlie and Eddie asleep on the swing outside Great Aunt Lily’s house and tells them to wake up. The boys show her the photo of the war; but she’s never seen it before. That is the end of the story.                                                                                    

My favourite…

  • 1916 character: Charlie. I like Charlie because he is quite modest and a very good spirit. He is also very confident and warm-hearted.
  • 2016 character: There isn’t much about any characters in 2016 as not much of the story ids set in this time so I have to leave it out.
  • Setting: I like the crater in 1916 where Charlie hides when the Germans open fire. I like it because it has quite a few people all with completely different personalities.

By Sam

3. Are you looking for an interesting read? Look no further, this story by Paul Dowdswell offers you a bit of history which you might not know about.


The story is based on the first wave of The Battle of The Somme. Two men from the same area are waiting to go over the top. See what they see, feel how they feel. Find out what actually happens when they go over…


This story is really clever. It also focuses on events 100 years later when the same family is thinking about The Somme Story.


I enjoyed this book; I would recommend it to any  friends who, like me, want to find out more about what it was really like in that battle.

By Adam

4.This book is an extremely good read; perfect for all juniors. Do you like historical novels? If so, this is a book for you! You’ll get tons of interesting facts from the short story. Charlie, the main character expresses his feelings so well that you can almost climb in his body and feel his pain with him.

The plot is quite simple but very effective. Charlie and his brother are looking at an old, mysterious photo, suddenly they’re in the war but are they? I can’t spoil it, you’ll have to read it…

If you do, you’ll find out about people’s lives in World War 1, on the battlefield and at home. The writing paints great pictures,

A vast pillar of earth rose into the sky and blotted out the sun!

That sentence made the whole book and the war come alive for me.

I want to know more about World War 1. Why did the soldiers attack in waves? What else did women do?

I hope Paul Dodswell has written more books, I’ll be looking out for them…

By Katrina

5.There are many characters from a book of war Wave. The main characters are

the brothers Charlie and Eddie. What happens is they are in world war1 and

they faked their ages in order to go in the war and the younger one dies in end


I really enjoyed it and for me the best characters are Charlie and Rose because

they were in love. I think the book is based on a real story because it had too

much detail to be a made up story. It made me want to read more because it was

very interesting and about history in world war1 and I didn't even realise.

The people I would recommend it to is adults because it has some swear words

in it.

This book was not predictable because I thought the old one (Charlie) was going

to die but in the end the young one (Eddie) died . In the end it was Rose older

and now she had grandsons and she was telling the story so it was a story in a


By Rafael

6.I think everyone should read Wave. To me it is the best book this year.

The author makes Wave sound very tense. The best part is when the British go to the German trenches because it has a cliff hanger.  They encourage each other to go over the top.  

Wave is about two brothers Charlie and Eddie who go off to war. They are part of the first wave.

My favourite is Charlie because he controls his brother’s actions. 

This book, however, is best suited for older readers due to the language used by the soldiers. It is unsuitable for primary-age children.

By Jake

7.I enjoyed this book because there’s lots of adventure but it still seemed a bit straightforward because some of it was charge and dead. I was expecting a lot more of a struggle in WW1. I think that I learnt a little bit about WW1 as it seemed a very difficult thing to go through.

By Alex

8. Wave is rather confusing when you first read it; it is two stories merged together (which constantly cross back). It is set in 2016 and in 1916 during World War I. Two brothers are on holiday and Eddie (one of the brothers) found a rather interesting photo of his great grandfathers and his brother. He thinks what he could have been doing during the war, for Eddie is also serving duty in the army. Charlie, the other brother, however, believes that Eddie would be ‘blown to bits’ when he does serve his duty.

It talks about the time Eddie and Charlie (who were serving in World War I) had their first real battle. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dark and depressing moments, which personally caught me off guard. However, during the end, it emphasises on the core of war and how the actual soldiers and victims of war viewed it.

In my opinion, the book was a rather interesting, yet short, story that brings up some very important factors about war in general. It has great detail and description; however, not all were pleasant to listen to, for they gave an image too gruesome. For example, the chapter in the book which was about Charlie being slowly eaten by barbed wire and screaming for help. It was still a great book, which I would recommend others to read. Unlike other children’s books, Wave viewed war and the reality of it in a different view. It is great for a child who has a mature sense of the reality of war.

By Prem

9. Wave is a book about how two brothers (of the names of Charlie and Eddie Taylor) venture off to World War I in 1916. However, both men were underage with Charlie being 16 and Eddie only 15.

This book had a great grasp of how war changes you physically and emotionally for the soldiers and civilians of all ages. It truly shows how men in war show fear in what they do; it is revealing how every person has a fear and regret. Wave has got not only the struggle of men but also about women as they go to factories every day to make bombs, missiles, etc. one of the women is Rose (she is Charlie’s girlfriend), she is one of the women who do that.

This is why I have thoroughly enjoyed the book; the detail of the war and how they’re treated is unbelievably thrilling. The people that have not been to war, which means people such as me and other children in 2017 could read this and understand how hard it was for the men in war.

By Tanchhohang

10. Wave by Paul Dowsell is an emotional and moving book about WWI. Paul is amazing at portraying characters. I figured that Charlie was in impatient character especially with his younger brother Eddie.

Everything is explained in a lot of detail making imagining things easy, and not a strain. I could imagine a war taking place, with bullets being fired and grenades being thrown at German trenches. I felt like I was watching an action movie on TV. I pictured Eddie on the barbed wire, begging for his older brother Charlie to help him, but he had to play dead, to make sure the Germans didn’t kill him. When I finished the book, and looked up, I realised that the TV was not on after all, but it was simply my imagination.

I loved the way Paul changed the setting and time-frame. It also gave a great comparison as to how different life was 100 years ago. There were still out-houses (toilets outside, normally in the garden), since toilets in the house were a very new invention or non-existent.

I really enjoyed the book, but I don’t think it is suitable for all ages. I found a few swear words in it, and it is an extremely sad story. It has two different genres in it, romance, where Charlie from the war is trying to impress Rose by his bravery, and trying to earn a medal, and action, on the battlefield.

Although the book was great, I did find it a bit confusing at first, before Charlie and Eddie’s Grandmother Rose explained who was in the photo. 

This book has great historical content, and I learnt many new things about WWI. My favourite fact was that if soldiers did not follow the commands of the sergeant’s orders, they would get shot! This is one of the best books I have ever read and would like to read some more books by Paul.

By Anoushka

11. I thought Paul Dowswell wrote wave fantastically and very accurately. Charlie & Eddie were great characters but I think that Dowswell was quite smart to evolve the Hastings palls. My favourite part of the book was when Eddie got stuck in the barbed wire although it was very smart and a great plot twist it was slightly sad I must admit. I thought that cutting back to 2016 from 1916 was very very smart as when the book was written it was 100 years since the Somme.


A great thing about this fantastic book was how it improved my vocabulary slightly which I know is a weird thing for a ten year old boy but it did. I did not think it was as good a book as private peaceful because it felt a bit like a copy of private peaceful similarities like the brother getting killed. The book was a fantastic contrast between the romance side of the boo with Rose, the war side of the book with the big battle and the fear side of it as everyone was terrified. I would recommended this book to most people and give it a 7/10.   

By Dominic

12. I enjoyed this book. I like the fact that Charlie is brave enough to go and fight the Germans. It made me think how blood-thirsty World War 1 was and it gave me a picture in my head about what it would have been like to go to war. I think it was realistic as we have learnt about World War 1 and from the poetry and source materials we have read; I think it was representative of what it would have been like. The only thing I did not like about the book was there was some inappropriate language and allow this may be fitting for the character, I don’t like to read books that contain it.

By Mohib

13. I enjoyed reading the book. One of my favourite parts was when they all ran into ‘No Mans Land’; I could just picture the scene as it happened – it was marvellous! I think it was realistic because it told me about the trenches and camps and No Man’s Land and we have studied World War 1 war poetry and so I believe it is an accurate representation. I would love to read more books by Paul Dowswell.

By Zahid

14. This book was breathtaking! Based on two brothers going was it’s a touching and memorable story. My favourite character, Charlie, he is a tender hearted 17 year old boy. Charlie also has a younger brother known throughout the book as Eddie. He is 16 years old and wants to join the army. In my opinion this book is highly realistic, and shows the importance of loyalty, trust and family. Taking into mind my prior knowledge of World War 1, this book clearly describes the action-packed, spine chilling event. After reading Wave I have decided to research and dig-deeper into the history of World War 1. Whilst reading this I was unable to put it down. This book has really opened a door to a whole other world of authors – I cant wait to read more of Paul Dowswells books.

By Isabel

15. ‘Wave’ by Paul Dowswell, is a book based on the battle of the Somme. It all starts when brothers Charlie and Eddie are eating a meaty pastry while sharing a large bottle of fanta. A couple of minutes later, Eddie shows his brother Charlie a photo. There is a view of the sea but it was unsettling. British soldiers were in the trench sit with their backs to a pile of sandbags. They all carry rifles with blades fixed to the barrels. The soldiers all have wide frightened eyes – Eddie thinks one of the men is related to him. Eddie and Charlie were in France, where horrible bombing is going on. Where a frightening war was happening. Now, just a bit further back into the book, Eddie and Charlie are joining the trenches…World War one it was. Those boys fighting Germans. But from were I started from just a little bit further into the book, they are back in Britain

I will not tell you who won. German or Britain. But a month later Charlie got sent back to Fabulous France!

I would rate this book 3 stars out of 5. I do not think that the book is too interesting as equally heartwarming. At first it has more of a modern structure at the beginning but going down into the life of WW1. I would recommend this book to higher readers or somebody who likes the world today and also history.

By Bethlehem


  1. I enjoyed this book a little and one of the parts I liked about this book was when it showed the letter saying I have/have not been wounded. However it would have been better if it had shown a picture instead of writing it. Also the book didn’t teach me that much history because it was mostly talking about Charlie and the solders in the trench shooting people. I also feel like this book should be longer.
  2. I didn’t really like this book for two reasons – it had many bad words and it was sad. The thing I liked was the adventure and bravery shown by the two heroes, Charlie and Eddie. What I really liked was the fact that even though Eddie might have died Charlie still had the bravery to carry on. This book makes me want to learn more about the World wars and how they had to win the war and all of the stuff they used. I really like the fact that the author used a cliffhanger. If there was another story that carries on their adventures I would love to read it. If I could give this book star I would give it 4 stars.

By Samia

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