The Wild Way Home

By Sophie Kirtley (Bloomsbury Children's Books)

The Wild Way Home By Sophie Kirtley

Alexander's review
I adored this book. The storyline - a boy walks into a wood in panic and ends up in the Stone Age - is hugely creative. The character I found most interesting was Harby (Hartboy) This is because he spends his time with Charlie, trying to translate the English language, and I loved the expressions he develops. I loved all characters; except, perhaps, Dara and Harby’s Mother, who weren’t that involved with the story line. 

The story is very educational and contains lots of information about the Stone Age. It manages to be a thoroughly entertaining story while also being full of facts. It does contain some fictional things, such as the Spirit Song; but I think these things adds to the story. 

The plot is both thought-provoking, exciting and light-hearted. It kept me wondering what was going to happen next. What stood out to me most was how, once Charlie was running into his woods, then he comes out in a Stone Age version of his his neighbourhood. Sophie Kirtley uses a wide range of interesting vocabulary which makes you think abut the characters more thoroughly. I would absolutely recommend this for everyone aged 7 or over. The only thing I didn’t like was how it says b-l-o-o-d-y in one sentence.

Kanmani's review
This book is about how a boy called Charlie gets teleported back in time to the Stone Age. His baby brother Dara has just been born but he has brain issues so Charlie went into the forest near his home to run away from it all. That’s how he found a boy (named Harby or Hartboy) laying face down in a river. Charlie has now got to get back home and reunite Harby with his family and find his baby sister.

I really like this story because it’s got a nice adventure to it but it’s also really heart-warming. I learned a lot how the Stone Age survived and the difficulties in life then. How they hunt, scare animals and live. I don’t really have a least favourite character because they all play a very important part on the story.

My favourite character is Charlie because he helps Harby find his baby sister when he could be looking for a way to get back home. I would rate this story 5/5 and would recommend it to all ages.

Katie's review
The most interesting character in this book for me was Harby. Harby was interesting as he tried very hard to learn English. He was a very brave character, he was always making sure he was safe and was careful about where he was going even though he was shy he wouldn't let that stop him.

The character I least liked was the man that tried to kill Harby. I didn't like the way he treated Harby as he was innocent. I was devastated when Harby died. 

From reading the book I learnt a lot about the Stone Age. I found out that they spoke a different language to what we speak now. I learnt that they wore clothes made from animal skin but not like the clothes we wear now.

The story set in this time was exciting as I think I would like to have been alive back then and experience what they did and how they lived. 

The most interesting thing about this story was the friendship between Harby and Charlie. I enjoyed meeting all the characters they met along the way.

I would recommend this book to anyone, I found it an interesting read as I found out about history and the story was exciting to read.

Miriam's review
This really pulled my emotions. I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this book because it looked on the cover like it was the “Horrible Histories” version of the Stone Age being just hairy people grunting “ugh” and hitting each other with clubs. But actually it was beautiful and more sophisticated like when the mother had died, how she was honoured. It moved me and the characters were believable and you really care about them.  I was worried about the Stone Age baby sister coming to harm while her brother's memory was gone. It really stuck in my mind how they scrambled up hte cliff to escape from the wolves and then just had to wait for ages and ages. Also how you can build a friendhsip without speaking much langauge the same.

It intrigued me because there is a modern times boy who has mixed feelings about his new-born baby, even though he has really been looking forward to a sibling being born. His friends and his dad are understanding but he still can’t get over his feelings. I like the boy’s relationship with his dad, I don’t think I would be allowed to stay up late like that. 

It made me think about how the landscape hasn’t changed since Stone Age times, like a rock and cave in a certain place, even though the houses and streets and technology and everything else has changed. I think this book should win the Young Quills competition.    

Harry's review
This is a thrilling, action story about a boy called Charlie Merrium who meets his newborn baby brother who is born with a forever heart problem, on his 12th birthday.  The adventure begins in the hospital, when Charlie who is upset and worried for his brother Dara, runs away into Mandel Forest.  He finds a boy, lying in the river, breathing, but only just.  After rescuing the boy, Charlie discovers he has been transported strangely, into a stone-age world and is a long, long way from home.  

I really enjoyed reading how the two boys from different worlds make a strong friendship, connected by their loss of family, protecting each other through difficult encounters in their desperation to find their loved ones.

I found it funny when Harby, the stone-aged boy, and Charlie talked to each other, trying to make sense of each other’s language, whispering and speaking words and sentences that weren’t in the stone-age dictionary! 

In this story there were very sad moments, which bought tears to my eyes, such as when, they discovered they had taken the life of a mother wolf from her pups, and when Harby discovers the death of his own mother. This made me think about how it would feel to lose members of my own family. 

This book is an enjoyable read full of mystery and adventure. It teaches us about the importance of friendship and family, always protecting those we care for and giving thanks for everything we have. 

I give this book 5 stars out of 5. I would recommend it readers aged 9 and over. 

Jessica's review
I found Hartboy the most interesting character because he had a different life because he’s a Stone Age man, he has a lot of problems to solve and he speaks really weirdly which makes it really funny to read when Charlie is trying to work out what he is saying! 

I didn’t trust Hartboy's dad (the Knifeman) because we didn’t know he was actually Hartboys dad and because he was following them. 

I would recommend the book to other people and especially people who like dramas, a bit of silliness and a lot of adventure! 

I liked the fact that it was set in the Stone Age because we have just learnt about it!

Jack's review
Plot: This book is extremely adventurous! For some parts it takes place in the stone age and others in the modern day. The story begins when it is the day before Charlie Merriam's birthday, and he’s playing with his friends Lamont and Beaky then on Charlie’s birthday his baby brother Dara is born whith a problem in his heart. Charlie runs to the forest and somehow ends up in the stone age. He meets a boy called Harby and near the end the believed villain (the knifeman) turns out to be Harby's Dad! I was addicted to this book from page 3.

My opinion: It was amazing because it has so much action, And it was a little bit sad because it has 2 deaths and they are of parents they were the wolf mum and Harbys Mum. It is 5 stars. 

Characters: Charlie is a boy that is determined to get out of the stoneage. Harby is strong and is determined to find his baby sister Mothga. The Knifeman is the believed villain of the book and looks after Mothga but he doesn't know his son Harby is looking for her. Beaky is kind and is the nicest of Charlie's best friends. 

Recommendation: I recommend this book to stone age or history fans. If you are one of those it is 100 percent a must read!

Ebi's review
I found Charlie the most interesting because he had to go on a cool, but dangerous adventure to find a cure for his baby brother. I did not like Charlie also because he was annoying and he hated his baby brother at first.  I liked it that I started off not liking him, but then changed my mind.

I did not really learn anything about the past. It was set in a time period that I liked and it reminded me of our class novel (Wolf Brother).

The plot was exciting when Charlie found out that he had to find out the cure because he did not think that he could do it.

The thing that most stands out is that a twelve year old had to go on a special adventure to cure heart disease. Normally it is adults who do this.

I would recommend it to people who like books of adventures.

Logan's review
This is about Charlie who is scared by his changing family and so runs away. 

Charlie finds a boy in a river and is instantly transported to the Stone Age. The two boys support each other through their growing friendship. Eventually, they get back to their families but I don’t think they’ll forget each other. 

This is a good read. It is quite sad so perhaps not for very young readers. The Stone Age caves, living with nature, the wolves and the deer tooth, reminded me of the stages of the Stone Age which I have learnt about at school. The story reminded me of Stig of the Dump, I think I preferred Stig’s creativity but this is a good reminder of the Stone Age way of life and the importance of friendship across history.

Henry's review
This book is a mind blower!

Charlie woke up and found he was getting a baby brother. A few hours later they went to hospital because his mother was in serious pain. 

I really like the book I very adventurous and is really interesting. 

Charlie must run to do things properly and is very weird. 

I would recommend this book to Oscar because he is adventurous. 

Star rating 3 out of 4 stars

Sonny's review
I loved this book. Harby and Charlie were my favourite characters because they’re the main characters and they take risks. I didn’t much like Harby’s parents, but that’s because they only appear at the end of the book so I didn’t really get to know them. 

I learnt lots about the Stone Age. People had to do so much just to survive in that time. They had to get water from wells or sink holes. They had so much danger in their lives. They had lots of adventures in their everyday lives. 

Some of this book was funny but there were some very serious points too. One was when Charlie ran away without thinking. This could have been really dangerous - and it made Charlie swear! 

The thing that most stood out for me was the relationship between Charlie and Harby. They really helped one another, in lots of ways, even though they came from such different times. 

I would definitely recommend this book to all children who love adventure. It’s excellent.

Safwan's review

  • Did you enjoy the book? Explain your answer if it is yes or no. Yes. It was very exciting and interesting.
  • Which of the characters did you find most interesting? Why? Harby. He was from the Stone Age.
  • Which of the characters (if any) you did not like. Why? I did not dislike ay of the characters in the book.
  • What made the history or the time it was set in interesting to you? It was thousands of years ago.
  • Was the plot exciting, thought-provoking, serious or light-hearted (or any mixture of these)? It was exciting because there were many surprises.
  • What most stands out for you from the book? Harby because he was born in a different time.
  • Would you recommend it to other children? Yes. It was interesting.

Sara's review

  • Did you enjoy the book? Yes. Charlie went on an adventure.
  • Which of the characters did you find most interesting? Why? Harby. He was from the Stone Age.
  • Which of the characters (if any) you did not like. Why? The Bear. It tried to kill Charlie.
  • What made the history or the time it was set in interesting to you? The characters talking in their own language.
  • Was the plot exciting, thought-provoking, serious or light-hearted (or any mixture of these)? Exciting. Serious.
  • What most stands out for you from the book? The drama.
  • Would you recommend it to other children? Yes. It was a fun, dramatic book.
    Did you learn any new words or facts as a result of the story? Yes. Ferns.

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