Film: Rome in the world/the world in Rome with Dr Lucy Donkin

By Lucy Donkin, published 4th April 2023

In-person tickets to HA Annual Conference 2023 are now limited but you can still book for an incredible virtual programme. To give you a taster of the fantastic sessions on offer, we've published one of the sessions from last year's HA Conference on Rome in the world/the world in Rome with Dr Lucy Donkin. This session with Donkin complements Dame Mary Beard's upcoming keynote Was it tough at the top? How to study to Roman Emperor (access included with all virtual tickets) and further opens up the history of this influential city across the ages. 

In many cultures, earth has been used to represent a place and make it present elsewhere. Donkin's talk explores how medieval and early modern Rome was connected with the rest of the world through the movement of soil to and from the city. Some interpretations of these transfers celebrated Rome’s imperial past or papal present; others challenged and appropriated the city’s authority in times of religious and political change.

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