EYFS Scheme of Work

Primary Schemes of Work

By Stuart Boydell, published 14th June 2017

History-focused Scheme of Work for EYFS

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In the Early Years Foundation Stage children begin to learn that as they grow up they are increasingly able to do more things for themselves independently. This emerging knowledge and understanding can be used to explore crucial early historical skills.

Many children within the EYFS will have younger and/or older siblings who they will see being involved in activities at a different level. This can be used to extend the children’s learning and understanding of themselves and the world around them. By the time children are in Reception they will be increasingly aware of the changes in routines during different times of the day and seasons of the year. These changes in times have an impact on what activities they can do (sleep, eat, play, home, holidays etc) as well as what they wear and what they celebrate.

This series of learning activities from Stuart Boydell is aimed to bring together a number of key learning areas that are linked to objectives in both the Prime and Specific Areas within the EYFS Development Matters documentation. They may also act as a springboard for independent exploration in other areas of the children’s learning.

The unit includes the following enquiries:

  • Enquiry 1: How have I changed since I was a baby?
  • Enquiry 2: Why do we wear different clothes at different times of the year?
  • Enquiry 3: What are our favourite celebrations each year? 

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