Primary History 92

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Published: 31st October 2022

In this edition of Primary History

04 Editorial (Read article for free)

06 HA Update

08 Teaching about Remembrance Day in EYFS – Jenny Munro, Paige Hazell, Tanya Wasik, Rianna Kelly and Helen Crawford (Read article)

12 The new King – Karin Doull (Read article)

16 ‘Remember, remember the Fifth of November!’ Where might the Gunpowder Plot sit within the principles of the new model curriculum? – Karin Doull (Read article)

22 Teaching the British Empire in primary history: very important but rather tricky! – Andrew Wrenn (Read article)

29 Artefacts in the neighbourhood – Alf Wilkinson (Read article)

32 In grateful memory of former scholars of this school: school war memorials as the subject for enquiry-based learning – James P. Bowen (Read article)

37 Creating effective history displays – Meryl Goldsmith (Read article)

42 Timelines in teaching history – Matthew Sossick (Read article)

44 The world at our feet: a history of shoes – Vikki Pearson (Read article)

50 Significant anniversaries: the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb – Kate Rigby (Read article)

53 Two women linked across three thousand years of history: the story of Zheng Zhenxiang and Lady Fu Hao – Susie Townsend (Read article)

60 One of my favourite history places: Luxor, Egypt – Stephen Parr (Read article)

Centre spread double-sided pull-out posterGunpowder Plot; Epitaph

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Cover image: ‘Shoes’ by Vincent van Gogh, 1888

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