Primary History 57


By HA, published 21st March 2011

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Contents, Editorial, In My View, Article

04 Editorial

05 In my view: Campaign! Make an Impact and History - Alison Bodley

06 In my view: Principles for a history curriculum - Jon Nichol

07 Doing History: story telling How can we imagine the past? - Grant Bage

08 Children's Thinking: Developmental Psychology And History Education - Hilary Cooper


History, Narratives, Identity And Society

10 From Kings And Queens To Sources And Evidence: Primary History In The 20th Century - Jenny Keating and Nicola Sheldon

12 British National Curricula For History 1989-2011, Principles and Practices - Robert Guyver

13 Dimensions Of Britishness: Cultural Diversity and Ethnicity - Alison Gove-Humphries, Paul Bracey and Darius Jackson

14 Britain, Europe And The World? - Alf Wilkinson and Andrew Wrenn

15 Long Ago Or Far Away: The Global Perspective - Ilona Aronovsky

16 Whose History Is It Anyway?: Class, Culture, Ethnicity, Gender And Religion - Kay Traille

17 History, citizenship and national identity: The Katyn Massacre - Mike Mitchell

18 The History Around Us: Local History - Sue Temple

19 Popular History: Using The Media - Jane Shuter


Effective History Teaching: Powerful Pedagogies

20 Powerful Pedagogy: Teaching Principles For ‘Doing History' With Children - Nuffield Primary History Project

21 ‘Doing History': Pupils as Apprentice Historians [1] - History Detectives - Jacqui Dean and Jon Nichol

23 ‘Doing History': Pupils As Apprentice Historians [2] - Peter Vass

25 ‘Doing History': Pupils As Apprentice Historians [3] - The Importance Of Teaching With Visual Sources - Jane Card

26 ‘Doing History': Pupils As Apprentice  Historians [4] - Primary History

27 How To Teach Chronology - Andy Reynolds and Alan Hodkinson


Planning: The Curriculum and The Classroom

29 Hist ory In The Curriculum: Overview - Jacqui Dean and the Nuffield Primary History Project

30 Integration and Cross - Curricularity: History, Humanities And Social Studies - Primary History No. 45, 50 and 53

31 History In The Early Years - Anita Loughrey

32 Planning Links With Literacy - Pat Hoodless

33 Progression And Coherence In History: How To Plan Across The Key Stages - Jerome Freeman

35 Differentiation: Gifted and Talented Education - Primary History No. 47

36 Monitoring, Recording, Assesment And Reporting - Tim Lomas

37 History And The Curriculum: Whole School Planning - Rick Weights

38 Planning For History: The Coordinator's Perspective - Cathie Mcllroy

40 Lesson Planning Recipe : The Creative Curriculum - The Class room Teacher's Perspective - Barbara Sands


National Curriculum History: Teachers & Professional Development

41 What history should we teach? The Teachers' perspective: The Historical Association's Primary Survey - Melanie Jones

42 The New History Curriculum: The Trainees' View - Bev Forrest

43 Evidence -Based History Teaching: Teacher As Researcher - Jacqui Dean

44 The Importance Of Teaching: Initial And Continuing Professional Development In History Education - Penelope Harnett

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