Primary History 61: Museums and Visits


By HA, published 9th October 2012

Site Visits, Libraries, Museums & Galleries

Editorial and In My View

04 Editorial Museums, identity and freedom - museums matter

05 A museum of British history - Lord Baker

06 Museums: Entries to learning - Mick Waters

07 Using sites and the environment - John Fines

08 Visits and museums - Jerome Freeman



10 Think Bubble - Gallery Talk - Peter Vass

11 A view from the classroom - Cathie Mcllroy

12 Museums and Visits: Primary History, 2000-2011 - Sarah Codrington

13 Museums and visits: Nuffield Primary History - Exemplar Lessons - Sarah Codrington

14 Co-ordinators concerns: Visits and Ofsted - Tim Lomas



15 "They do love the mummies...." Making use of outstanding resources in the Ashmolean Museum - Case Study 1: Taking people out of the picture - Clare Coleman and Peter Vass

17 My Learning: Bringing History to Life - My Learning Website Team with contributions from Andy Hellon and Esther Amis-Hughes

20 A museum in the classroom: Learning history from objects - Glória Solé


Case studies

23 Case study 2: Bringing the museum into your classroom-creating a school museum - Jane Zanzottera

24 Case study 3: all hands on deck! - Barbara Sands

26 Case study 4: inspiring artwork Using the paintings in the Kenwood collection to develop creative writing skills and introduce children to a historic house - Natalie Gomez

29 Case study 5: is teaching about the holocaust suitab le for primary aged children? - Kamal Bhana

31 Case study 6: Bristol Blitz in an interactive environment - Emily Phipps-Morgan

33 Case study 7: World War II Evacuation Project: A Living History Experience - Kate Morgan-Clare


Professional Development

38 Using museums, libraries and art galleries: keeping up the momentum in changing times Lessons for Sustainablility: From the Experiences of Early Primary Student Teachers - Susan Edgar

42 Egyptians, Embalming and Experiences ITT placement at Leeds City Museum - Meg Friis

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