Primary History 69


Last updated: 12th June 2019

Sumer, Islam, Vikings, WW1...

04 Editorial

05 HA Primary News

06 Using ‘Development Matters' to plan learning for history in the Foundation stage - Helen Crawford

08 Assessment and Progression without levels: where do we go from here? Jerome Freeman

14 From Home to the Front: World War I (1914-18) in the primary school classroom - Paul Bracey

20 Ideas for Assemblies - Bev Forrest and Stuart Tiffany

22 Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the kingdom of England - Tim Lomas

28 Ancient Sumer - Dr Catherine Parker Heath

34 Early Islamic civilisation - Ayshah Ismail

44 Stories in the Stones: using cemeteries as a local history resource - Bev Forrest

47 The back cover image - Portchester Saxon settlement - Polly Tucknott

Regular features

Primary History magazine runs a number of great regular features including Ideas for Assemblies, One of My Favourite History Places and our Primary Pull-out Posters. You can view all editions of these features here.

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